To date, it is a known fact that there are well over 50,000 aggressive, deliberately destructive hackers in the United States alone and that number is growing at a minimum of five percent per month! Worse yet, there is a large body of public thought which perceives that the activities of these individuals is morally, legally and socially acceptable. The notion being that if a system can be broken regardless of the level of effort necessary to do so then the responsibility for the break-in belongs to the system owner rather than to the trespasser.

Our goal here at S.A.B.R.O. Net is to provide our users with a clear level of understanding about computer security measures and what to do if you or your system becomes the target of one of these threats.

Below is a list of highly qualified groups and organizations that can offer advice, and/or help you and your company bring legal actions against those who attempt to violate your 'space' on the Internet.

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