Computer Security Terms

Access Access Control Accreditation Assurance Audit Trail Authenticate Authorization Automated Information System Availability Call Back Call Sign Cipher Canister Capability Capability-Based System Category CCI Assembly CCI component CCI equipment Certification Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority Challenge and Reply Authentication Checksum Check Word Cipher Cipher Text Cipher Text Auto-Key Ciphony Classified Information Clearing Closed Security Environment Code Code Book Code Group Code Vocabulary Cold Start Command Authority Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program Common Fill Device Communications Cover Communications Deception Communications Profile Communications Security Compartmented Mode of Operation Compromise Compromising Emanations Computer Abuse Computer Cryptography Computer Security Computer Security Incident Computer Security Subsystem Computer Security Vulnerability Report Program COMSEC Account COMSEC Account Audit COMSEC Aid COMSEC Boundary COMSEC Chip Set COMSEC Control Program COMSEC Custodian COMSEC End Item COMSEC Equipment COMSEC Facility COMSEC incident COMSEC Insecurity COMSEC Manager COMSEC Material COMSEC Material Control System COMSEC Modification COMSEC Module COMSEC Monitoring COMSEC Profile COMSEC Survey COMSEC System Data COMSEC Training Confidentiality Configuration Control Configuration Management Confinement Property Contingency Key Contingency Plan Controlled Access Protection Controlled Cryptographic Item Controlled Sharing Controlled Space Controlling Authority Cooperative Key Generation Cooperative Remote Re-Keying Cost-Benefit Analysis Countermeasure Covert Channel Covert Storage Channel Covert Timing Channel Credentials Cryptanalysis CRYPTO Crypto-Alarm Crypto-Algorithm Crypto-Ancillary Equipment Crypto-Equipment Cryptographic Cryptographic Component Cryptographic Initialization Cryptographic Logic Cryptographic Randomization Cryptography Crypto-Ignition Key Cryptonet Cryptoperiod Cryptosecurity Cryptosynchronization Cryptosystem Cryptosystem Assessment Cryptosystem Evaluation Cryptosystem Review Cryptosystem Survey Dedicated Mode of Operation Denial of Service Designated Approving Authority (DAA) Discretionary Access Control (DAC) Evaluation Information Warfare Mandatory Access Control (MAC) Multilevel Mode of Operation Multilevel Security (MLS) Risk Risk Analysis Risk Management Sensitive Compartmented Information Security Policy System-High Mode of Operation Trusted Computer System